Technical Characteristics

Summarily, the morphologic, technical and constructional residence characteristics are the following:

There are three residencies, two in a unified building, 100 m2 each, with its auxiliary spaces and the third residence (130 m2 with the auxiliary spaces in the basement) is a separate building, 6.5 m. from the first two.

Each residence has a 1300 m2 of a planted area in a surface of 4007 m2.

Their design is according to the outer morphology and the materials used are in compliance with the local architecture.

Bio-climatic architecture, which is the reconciliation with nature and the local microclimate, is greatly incorporated in the design and the construction (passive solar design).

The use of ecological materials such as stone and wood (in walls, floors, rooftops, pergolas, etc) along with the prediction for a biological sewage treatment tends more and more to an environment-friendly philosophy.

Finally, our principle is to design and construct USEFUL and NECESSARY buildings, in the highest quality, in compliance with our philosophy. Our residencies are held fully functional, ready to use.

Each residence will have:

  • Kitchen, bedroom and bathroom closets made of solid oak tree. All of their surfaces will be paint with ecologic varnish; the kitchens will be fully equipped with high quality electrical appliances.
  • Heating / Air-condition, as well as a roof fan.
  • Wooden frames of Meranti woods with double glasses.
  • Pergolas, rooftops etc from excellent quality synthetic wood.
  • At least two parking spaces for each of the residencies in a special protected space within the plot.

Concluding, having a residence in this very little island of Elafonissos with the magnificent sceneries all times of the year is an excellent choice and with the information and photographs provided in our site, we are sure that you will be more than satisfied.

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Luxury residencies with beautiful surrounding area for sale

Excellent residencies of quality construction with a vast and beautiful shaped building plot, great view of Panayitsa\'s beach in Elafonissos, Greece are for sale.


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